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Lorenz Fine Art, represented by SILENT ECHOES STUDIO, welcomes and builds relationships with retailers based on a shared passion of art and creativity. It is viewed as not just a business partnership but also a friendship.  We welcome all types of venues, as well as conventional gift shops & boutiques, galleries, fine art venues, and many more are welcomed. 

Any party outside of the agreed retailer is considered a third party, and third party involvement is prohibited. Allowing anyone other than the agreed retailer to handle or market our product in other stores, traveling shows, art shows or anything equivalent, without the SILENT ECHOES STUDIO agreement, are grounds for termination of our agreement.

We require that a retail venue be of brick and mortar, or a tangible building of some type. In accordance, a new retail venue is allowed to sell our products on their own store website. However, it is prohibited for exclusive, independent websites to sell our brand unless otherwise agreed upon.

It is prohibited to participate in the following or any equivalent:
* Auctions
* Ebay
* Etsy
* Yahoo
* Amazon

Thanks again for your interest in our 'Be the Bird' series. On behalf of Lorenz Fine Art & SILENT ECHOES STUDIO, we would like to thank you, ahead of time, for retailing our whimsical, very fun, full of smiles, one-of-a-kind collection. We look forward to sharing this creative venture with you.

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed for validity.  After approval, you will receive a conformation email and a great big -'woohoo'!  You will then qualify for a 50% discount off of retail prices with a $200 minimum order.  Thanx again for your interest.

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